Who We Are

Lombay Ka Marawi – is a Maranao term which means “arise Marawi”.  A people’s organization of internally displaced people (IDPs) affected by the Marawi siege.  It is purposely created to be the voice that will echo the sentiments and aspiration of the IDPs to participate in the rehabilitation of Marawi.

The Maranao people (Maranao: [‘mәranaw];  Maranaw), also spelled MeranaoMaranaw, and Mëranaw, is the term used to refer to the indigenous  “people of the lake”, a predominantly-Muslim inhabitants who live around Lake Lanao in  province of Lanao del Sur in the island of Mindanao, Philippines.


“We envision LOMBAY KA MARAWI to be an empowered and responsible organization that works for the promotion of peace and justice; protects the rights and dignity of vulnerable groups of internally displaced persons; and commits to serve the Meranaw community achieve genuine development and progress”


Provide culture-sensitive, responsive, appropriate and sustainable interventions anchored on Islamic perspective, peace and security, efficient and effective governance, justice and human rights, and community- driven development.


  1. To develop and enhance the capacities of members to engage in development initiatives;
  2. To engage in program and activities that promote peace, justice and community-driven development;
  3. To work for the promotion of spiritual, cultural and environmental integrity;
  4. To engage in activities responsive to the needs of community affected by natural and human-induced disaster disasters;
  5. To strengthen partnership and alliances that best respond the needs IDPs in different communities.
  6. To raise awareness, organized and mobilize IDPs to take active and leading roles in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Marawi.

Core Values

L   – Living in Harmony with Rest of Creation
O  – Organizational Development of
M – M’ranaw IDPs/Survivors
B  – Building Capacities and Bringing Opportunities 
A  – Access to Resources through Partnership
Y  – “Yolk” of Livelihood

K  – Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes towards
A  – Active Networking  and Alliances

M – M’ranaw
A  –  Always
R  – Remember that
A  – Active
W – Works in Peace Building in
I – Islamic Society is a Mandate of every Muslim Ummah.